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All Star Information

All Stars teams are formed to allow players from SLL to represent our park against teams from other parks. These teams play after the regular rec season is over. The length of time you play is determined by the division you play and whether you win or lose. We offer all stars for the Rookie division and older. There is a significant time commitment required to play all stars. Rookie and AA announce in mid May and could play until the middle of June. AAA and older announce on June 1st and it is possible to play into August. ROOKIE PARENTS who are new to all stars.....if you think your player has a possibility of making all stars and you wish to participate, DO NOT schedule any travel plans in May or June.

Please note: if your child is selected to one of the teams, they are required to attend all practices and games. Few exceptions will be granted and those are at the discretion of the coach. There will be 5-6 practices a week leading up to the beginning of the tournament. The practices continue until the team is eliminated or the tournaments conclude. If a player is absent from practices for an unexcused reason, the team manager may remove that player from the team and request a replacement. Please disclose all travel plans in the survey that will be sent to each parent near the end of rec season. You must complete the survey for your player to be considered for All Stars. Your player must meet age requirements, residency and/or school district requirements, and all LLI requirements for post season play. If your child is selected for the team, but unable to play due to availability, he/she will be recognized as an all star, but will not be on the roster.

SLL will provide a practice shirt and hat. SLL will cover little league tournament fees. Parents are responsible for all other uniform items and travel expenses. (jersey, pants, socks, etc.)

This is the process Smyrna Little League follows in order to select the All-Star players.

• Division Managers, League President, League Vice President and League player agent and Division Commissioner will be present at All-Star selections.

• No assistant coaches will be present at selection.

• Number of teams will be decided annually. Each team will have 12-14 players.

• Managers nominate players that they feel deserve consideration for All-Stars. These players are put on a watch list and coaches are asked to observe these players over the next couple of weeks of games. The watch list can change up until All-Star selections.

• Coaches will then be asked to take the watch list and rank the players on the list from 1-xx. With a “1” being given to the player that they think is the top player in the league, “2” for the second player in league and so forth. The list will be confidential and will only be seen by the league President, league Vice President, Commissioner and Player agent.

• Player agent or Commissioner will then take the list and total the rankings for each player. Example: Chipper Jones has been ranked the following by coaches: 4,3,2,1,1,1,2,2,3,1,2,1,2,1 – his score would be 26. Players would then be listed from lowest score to highest score. Teams will be put together from the list. In cases of tie or close score, managers will hold a discussion. The following factors may be considered when discussing players: coachability, attitude, ability to play different/multiple positions, and positions needing to be filled on the team.


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